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The rating process explained

1 Information Gathering

We gather and check where possible the factual information sourced from the live campaign pitch deck, business plan and financials and from reliable third-party sources.

2 Data Input

Loading of data and sourced information and investment intelligence into our proprietary ratings engine. Once we have the information we need, the data is reviewed by one of our Financial Analysts.

3 Rating Preparation

Based on the results from the Ratings Engine, the Analyst prepares explanatory summary of comments against each sub-section of the rating and a conclusion which is published at the bottom of the rating.

What the ratings mean

  • 49% and under
    We suggest potential investors carry out further study of their own
    Room for improvement
    Worth considering
    Gold rating, our highest rating

Note: Gold Rating score threshold increased to 80% 24/3/20

Example rating

Summary ratings across three areas Conclusion highlights the key points and any areas of concern Gold award for 80+ rating Ratings at a glance Each major area of a rating is further broken down into three components with a brief discussion Summary of financials (where provided) in a standardised format The Crowd Rating process explained
4 Rating review

A Director reviews the rating and analysts’ comments and instructs further research and data validation if necessary. Sometimes a third opinion is obtained from a member of our Specialist Advisory Panel. We then contact the business owner for comments and feedback.

5 Regulatory approval

As an FCA regulated firm, once a Director has approved the rating it is sent to for a compliance review to ensure that it meets regulatory requirements.

6 Publication

Once the rating has been approved by compliance and we have contacted the business owner it is published on our website and made available to be used by the business owner for their continued campaign marketing activity.

Ratings breakdown by score

Based on 1149 rated pitches.

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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