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Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


Pledged Unknown Targetted: Unknown
Newest Pitch: Unknown Top Funded: BrewDog Equity for Punks V £26.2M
Established in 2011, Crowdcube was one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK. They were formed in a "post-recession" world to help entrepreneurs who dream big get the equity investment they need in order to grow. Investor fees There is a fixed minimum investment of £10 per opportunity. There are no fees to become a member of the investor community. However, a fee of 1.5% of the invested amount is applied to each investment. This fee is subject to a minimum of £0.50p and is capped at a maximum of £250.00 and is collected when the payment for the investment is processed by Crowdcube. For example, if you invest £10.00 when the payment is processed the lender will pay the minimum fee of £0.50p, making the total amount that is collected £10.50. An investor can cancel their investment at any time while the crowdfunding pitch is live. If the lender is investing over £5,000 and wishes to reduce or cancel the amount invested, then they are asked to contact Crowdcube Support directly. Raise Finance Fees There is no fee for listing a business equity opportunity on Crowdcube. The minimum amount a company can raise is £10,000 and there is a success fee of 7% (excl. VAT) applies on the amount successfully raised. There is also a completion fee which is on average 0.75% - 1.25% of all funds raised. This fee includes their third-party provider’s variable costs and the cost of collecting, reconciling, and distributing the raised funds.
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Pledged Unknown Targetted: Unknown
Newest Pitch: Unknown Top Funded: Fishtek Marine £900.0K
Triodos - a global pioneer in sustainable banking who uses the power of finance to support projects that benefit people and the planet. They achieve this by only financing organisations that deliver a positive impact. They have been connecting investors directly with organisations for over 15 years and have raised over £133 million in social investments for 30 individual organisations. This includes promoting the UK's 1st bond to be issued by a charity. They launched their crowdfunding platform in 2018, making it easier for their community of investors to procure social investment opportunities. It is important to note that social investment opportunities can carry tax relief, Social investment tax relief (SITR), from the government. This encourages individuals to support social enterprises and helps them access new sources of finance. The platform does not charge any fees to investors. Instead, a fee is applied to the organisations that are raising capital; details of this fee is laid out in the offer document. The investor has 14 days (starting when they apply for an investment) to reconsider. This is referred to as a "cooling off" period. You will start to earn interest on your investment once the bond has been issued, not from the point at which you made the investment. Only certain bonds qualify for their IFISA and these are clearly marked on the crowdfunding platform and in the offer document. Shares are not eligible for IFISA.
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Pledged Unknown Targetted: Unknown
Newest Pitch: Unknown Top Funded: TransferGo £11.3M
Seedrs is now part of Republic. With over 2.5 million members in our combined investment community, we’re building the global private investing platform of the future. Incorporated in 2009 Seedrs is the first established equity crowdfunding platform in the UK and has recently expanded to the EU with entrepreneur hubs in Berlin, Amsterdam and Lisbon. More recently, Seedrs has expanded to the US via a strategic partnership with Republic - a leading US equity crowdfunding platform - and sister company, AngelList. Their mission is to "enable all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success." This mantra has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals whilst giving investors access to seed companies. Raising funds fees Companies looking to raise funds pay a single, one-time fee given their campaign is a success. This consists of a 6% fee of the total funds raised, 0.5% - 1.0% payment processing fee and a completion fee of £2,500 (excl. VAT) There is full legal and tax documentation, lifetime investment admin, single legal shareholder, campaign account manager, no membership fee nor pitching fee and tools and guides are available to help build a successful campaign. Investor Fees There are no fees when initially investing into a primary campaign via the Seedrs Nominee. The platform only has A shares available which include full voting rights. These are accessible to all investors and require a minimum investment of £10. Fees only apply to an investor in an exit event where the investor gains a profit. The carry fee is 7.5% and is applied to any remaining profit. The platform is also launching a secondary market which opens on May 5th. This will enable investors to list their shareholdings for sale, which carries a 1.5% transaction fee on total sale and a carries a fee of 7.5% on any profit. If in any event, an investor needs to cancel an investment it can only be done before a campaign closes by using their Investment Account. Funds that were already paid will be returned to the Investment Account and will either be reinvested or withdrawn.
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Shadow Foundr

Pledged Unknown Targetted: Unknown
Newest Pitch: Unknown Top Funded: Moltex Energy £5.7M
The educational platform and investment eco-system that supports innovative businesses from start to finish and provides high-growth opportunities for investors. Shadow Foundr - an online investment platform for businesses to raise funds.  Their investment model, which is FCA compliant, and automated platform make it fast and simple for businesses to raise funds. The platform also allows investors to invest their money into businesses they feel could be a success.  Shadow Foundr focuses on high growth, innovative, and scalable early-stage companies which have the potential to disrupt their sector. There are no investor fees, instead, the platform makes its money by charging fees to the entrepreneur. However, when an investor pays by debit card, a 1% cover charge is added, this is the Custodian payment fee.  All companies seeking investment are encouraged to inject their own funds before opening them up to their established investor community. Thus adding confidence to the proposed investment and letting investors know that founders have "skin in the game.” Shadow Foundr has a 14 day "cooling off" period whereby an investor can cancel the investment within 14 days of the investment or payment date. Raising funds Companies looking to raise funds can negotiate their commission to be a percentage of the amount raised. It is payable at the end of a successful campaign.  All fees will be deducted prior to the transfer of investor monies.
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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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