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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Celtic Renewables (CR) converts residual by-products from Scottish Whisky production into high-value, low-carbon sustainable chemical and biofuel products using its patented Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) fermentation process. CR asserts that the end products, Acetone, Butanol, Ethanol & high-grade animal feed, play an important role in daily human lives. The company argues that these are potential applicants in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food production, hygiene products & advanced sustainable biofuels. CR states that the downstream markets for ABE biochemicals would be worth over £130 billion by 2025. It aims to be a leading contender in this segment. It also endeavours to replicate its ABE technology in global markets. CR has been named the 'Most Innovative Biotech SME' in Europe. The company will use the investment to bring its first industrial-scale plant into full operation by Q1 of 2021 and capitalise on commercial opportunities.
pledged: 116% days to go: 29 investment: £2,037,749
Gameroo is a mobile application that offers an alternative for game buyers and sellers, allowing them to trade directly with each other, offering market-beating prices and passive earning potential. The app allows customers to buy or earn credits in the process. The company's app has witnessed more than 3,500 active downloads since its launch in August 2020. It has 600 registered customers with hundreds of items already listed. The company aims to become a leading contender in the video games and consoles market valued at $1.8 billion in 2020. Gameroo will use the investment to build its app and product line based on the feedback of its community of early adopters and drive customer acquisition.
pledged: 60% days to go: 28 investment: £60,359
Bedlam Brewery is a beer manufacturer. It relaunched in 2015, with award-winning beers brewed at its eco-focused craft brewery at the foot of the South Downs National Park in Sussex. The company's revenue has grown over 250% since then. Between April 2019- March 2020, it sold over 655,000 pints to its customers with 95% coming from sales of draft beer to pubs, both directly and via national pub chains or wholesalers. Post COVID-10 lockdown, the company sold its products to over 200 separate trade outlets, including bottle shops, over 100 free houses, restaurants and pub companies such as the Ei Group, Wetherspoons and Laines in Sussex. The company will use the investment to become the number one craft brewery in Sussex, as well as, a major player in Greater London, Surrey and Kent.
pledged: 118% days to go: 28 investment: £534,404
ClickMechanic offers car repairs, servicing, Ministry of Transport tests (MOTt), diagnostics and pre-purchase inspections through its nationwide marketplace of vetted mechanics. The company cites research group Mintel's data stating that 50% of drivers got ripped off by car service centres. ClickMechanic wants to change this and become a leading contender in the £23 billion UK automotive servicing industry. The company takes a 20% commission on every completed booking and has secured a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85+ for its services. Their exit strategy is via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or trade sale.
pledged: 33% days to go: 85 investment: £100,000
Gravity is a tech-based co-living brand that endeavours to create a global community of young professionals by offering living spaces. The company operates three locations in Camden Town and one in Finsbury Park with over 100 beds. The company offers design-led living spaces with all-inclusive, flexible contracts, typically between 3 to 12 months to its users. It is currently working on potential projects with strategic real estate partners in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan aiming to develop a global network of co-living spaces in major business hubs worldwide. It will use 48% of the investment as opening costs, 37% as salary payments, and 15% as marketing, legal and miscellaneous expenses.
pledged: 89% days to go: 35 investment: £235,500
Small Beer Brewing Company specialises in brewing classic beer with an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) below 2.8% without any loss in flavour. The company asserts that the beer market is worth £18.4 billion in the UK and over £520 billion globally. In the UK, the 'Low & No' category sits at £450 million. The company aims to be a major contender in this category. It is already exporting its products to Iceland, Singapore, Hong Kong & Spain. The company's stockists include entities like Majestic Wine, Ocado and Waitrose. It will use the investment to fund its expansion both in the UK & foreign markets.
pledged: 171% days to go: 25 investment: £686,628
Debtech is a legal intelligence platform that aims to become a global automation portal for every type of finance agreement - from simple mortgages to billion-dollar corporate loans. Debtech has a two-tiered format for its business. Its Tier 1 'Platform' connects finance stakeholders - from lenders and lawyers to CFOs and borrowers - on one single platform so that everyone is in one place for the lifecycle of the agreement. Its Tier 2 'Marketplace' is an 'App Store' of simple, plug-and-play apps where one app automates one manual workflow. The company asserts that the global legal intelligence market would touch £29.5 billion by value in 2026. Debtech cites that its portal allows finance organisations to achieve time savings of over 90% and cost savings of up to 50x compared to conventional offline platforms. The company seeks to raise £150,000 (SEIS) of equity funding to upgrade the platform's infrastructure for Most Valuable Product (MVP) Version 1 within 90-days to create MVP V2, onboard its six early corporate customers for paid trials on MVP v2, and build five core apps.
pledged: 6% days to go: 83 investment: £10,001
Kraydel is a platform that aims to reduce isolation and maintain independence for older adults through TV video calling, remote health and well-being monitoring. Kraydel's 'Konnect' system can make and accept video calls from mobiles, tablets or PCs, from a closed network of supporters such as family, friends, healthcare professionals, carers etc. who can communicate using the Konnect app (available on iOS and Android). The system also has built-in sound and motion sensors along with a range of environmental sensors and health devices such as oximeters, blood pressure monitor, activity monitors. Kradel asserts that its technology is being used by service (health/care) providers to maintain contact with large numbers of people and support vulnerable populations. The company was named a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework and its first deployments went live with five National Health Service (NHS) trusts in May 2020. It will use the investment to bridge to Series-A funding targeted for mid-2021, establish the brand as an AgeTech leader, and deploy more Konnect units.
pledged: 97% days to go: 33 investment: £1,321,980
Whitehall Finance (WF) is a Business-to-Business (B2B) financial technology platform that provides working capital to UK-based Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The company offers revolving credit facility that is withdrawable in currencies like GBP, USD or EURO or a combination of the above under a single facility agreement. It also permits buying companies to offer their suppliers an early payment for a discount, as well as, enables users to access Forex services and creditworthiness data of companies. WF has extended around £16 million in finance through 1,600+ transactions over its platform in the past one year. The company will use 30% of the investment to expand its sales, 20% to increase its marketing budget, 30% to increase operational capacity to service volume business, and 20% to develop key partner relationships.
pledged: 44% days to go: 32 investment: £154,224
MedicSpot is a healthcare company that is aiming to revolutionise healthcare delivery by combining the advantages of online and offline care. The company provides patients at designated hospitals with diagnostic tools like a stethoscope, oximeter, blood pressure monitor and thermometer which, in turn, is connected to the MedicSpot network. Onboard General Physicians (GPs) engage in live sessions with patients, guide them on how to use the tools, and perform a variety of diagnoses like listening to a patient’s heart and lungs, looking down their throat and into their ears, taking their blood pressure and oxygen readings, and measuring their body temperature. The company is also expanding into another subsidiary, Arc Health, which it claims will perform the aforementioned tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. The company will use the investment to increase the number of Medicspot clinics to 1,000, gain further NHS market share, launch a corporate business model and allow international pilots to take place.
pledged: 28% days to go: 33 investment: £70,004
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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