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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Together Price (TP) is a company on a mission to fight 'Subscription Fatigue' and allow users to streamline sharing of digital subscriptions. TP argues that 64% of consumers who intend on subscribing to a new digital service will downgrade or terminate their current subscriptions to make room for a new one. 40% of millennials are signed up for more services than they can afford, and feel 'Overwhelmed' by the number they manage. TP aims to change this scenario. The company provides nearly 1 million registered members with its services. It has raised €1.9 million, including securing an investment from Samaipata and LVenture Group. It has also signed affiliate agreements with 10+ Tier-1 providers and onboarded noteworthy entity Disney+. TP will use the investment to accelerate its growth by investing in technology up-gradation and marketing campaigns.
pledged: 154% days to go: 30 investment: £308,160
Sustainably aims to make donations to charities an automated process. It argues that 86% of Generation Z and millennials, who are the UK's biggest givers, want to donate via mobile and see their impact. The company aims to serve this need via its app. Users need to choose the cause they want to support, connect their bank to the Sustainably app which calculates a user's spare change to the nearest £1 based on their transactions at retail outlets, and finally add a payment card to make donations. The app allows users to set their donation limits which they can stop, start, pause or change any time at their convenience. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It estimates that 4.9 billion people could donate over $1 trillion to charity by 2030. Sustainably has received awards such as Nesta, WeWork, Tech Nation, and Finovate. The company has featured in media publications such as BBC, Sunday Times, Forbes and Stylist. Sustainably will use the investment to approach new users and charities, improve app functionality, and launch a Business-to-Business (B2B) platform.
pledged: 86% days to go: 30 investment: £260,100
WATR is a low-cost, easy to deploy, solar-powered, multi-parameter solution that can be deployed in remote locations to monitor water quality. The company cites a recent report from the Environment Agency stating that not one of the 4,600 waterways in the UK meets safe water standards. The company argues that its product communicates live data 24/7. The product can be programmed such that alerts/notifications can be set to enable early interventions to upcoming issues. Users can access the data through WATR's app or web portal. WATR claims that its product can monitor multiple water bodies such as reservoir water, fish farms, quality of drinking water, and river/lake pollution levels. The company aims to become a significant contender in the £4.29 billion water safety market. WATR has received multiple Letter of Intents (LOI) for 108 units to be installed in catchments and reservoirs. The company will use 40% of the investment for manufacturing and assembling 500 devices, 10% for product roadmap development, 10% for marketing, 20% for hiring key personnel, 10% to ramp up production facilities, 5% to strengthen its board, and 5% for Intellectual Property (IP) expenses.
pledged: 85% days to go: 40 investment: £213,280
JustUs is a provider of crowdfunded financial products for consumers. The platform argues that savers are looking for alternative ways to grow their money and are looking increasingly to financial technology solutions given that bank rates are likely to be cut to -0.1% in 2021. JustUs aims to provide savers with a higher rate of return while supporting borrowers who struggle to find financial products on the high street. The platform is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). JustUs has witnessed more than 850,000 successful transactions on its portal since launch, with £7 million worth of lender capital repaid, and £913,000 as interest paid to its lenders. It also successfully integrated global crypto banking application Moneybrain into its platform in 2020. JustUs will use the investment to support compliance and administration of the JustUs ‘Peoples Mortgage’ proposition, as well as, look into its IT and back-office recruitment.
pledged: 100% days to go: 27 investment: £1,303,700
Drone Safe Register (DSR) is one of the UK's leading platforms for public or commercial businesses to hire safe and insured drone operators. DSR estimates that the UK market has taken off in terms of individuals hiring aerial drone services, with the industry set to be worth $42.8 billion by 2025. DSR has capitalised on this, with over 480 pro members, paying a yearly membership, with over 40 joining in January alone. The company has been recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a key business and has secured a rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot based on 21 reviews over its five-year operating track record. It will use the investment to accelerate company growth, build its team, stock, marketing capabilities, and launch into Europe in 2021.
pledged: 46% days to go: 27 investment: £69,954
Gamerpro is an esports service provider for mobile gamers. It aims to become a new revenue stream for mobile game publishers. The company intends to provide an esports experience for mobile gamers to compete with one another, and win real money prizes. Players are required to deposit before playing on Gamerpro, and winners can quickly and easily make withdrawals. Gamerpro asserts that its application only works with mobile games that are both skill-based and have a PvP gameplay mode. The company's app has witnessed 500,000 installations with customers from across 160 countries with over $1 million worth of wagers placed. It will use the investment for technology development, onboarding key personnel across various portfolios, and product development.
pledged: 99% days to go: 36 investment: £297,670
Spotlight Consultations aims to diagnose diseases based on evidence-based questionnaires. The company's Algorithmic Questionnaire (AQ) strives to be a simple 3-5 minute questionnaire, dynamically responsive with each question linked to an actionable care pathway. The company estimates that 10% of global health expenditure per annum is spent on diabetes, which is predicted to rise to $825 billion by 2030. Indirect costs from premature death, disability, and diabetes-related health complications add an additional 35% more to this number. Spotlight intends for its AQ to help reduce expenditure and healthcare burden while improving the quality of care and health outcomes. The company will use the investment to support early revenue generation, team expansion and stimulate Research and Development (R&D) tools to cover more diseases like CVD, IBD, chronic pain, and cancers.
pledged: 51% days to go: 26 investment: £63,820
Clooper is a property management platform. The company argues that 86% of private landlords in the UK manage their properties themselves, with many finding it time-consuming and stressful. Clooper seeks to solve this problem with a property management platform that connects landlords, tenants, trade services, and homeowners to facilitate easy transactions between them. It aims to be a significant contender in the £11 billion property management platform. The company points out that Paul Rothwell of Empire, a large residential landlord in England, has pledged £200,000 of investment to the company. Clooper aims to make move-ins quicker, repairs faster, and payments easier in the wake of Covid-19 which is fuelling the adoption of online services in the UK. The company will use the investment to hire key recruits, operationalise mobile apps, boost marketing, and enhance sales and operations.
pledged: 60% days to go: 26 investment: £243,448
FreeHand is a robotic surgical camera controller that aims to make surgeries precise and safer. The company cites data arguing that over 15 million keyhole surgeries are performed annually in which an additional clinician is mostly required to manually hold the camera the surgeon uses to see the operating field. The company asserts that this is not the most optimal way. FreeHand's robotic camera controller aims to solve this issue by providing steady images and precise control, saving time, and improving outcomes. The company has regulatory clearance for sale in the EU, US, and Japan. FreeHand points out that surgical robotics is one of the fastest-growing segments in Medical Technology, projected to reach $91.5 billion by 2025. It aims to become a contender in this segment. FreeHand claims that surgeons have successfully used its robotic controller in more than 15,000 procedures. The company will use the investment to expand the distributor base in Europe, Asia and Latin America, targeting over 12 million procedures annually.
pledged: 154% days to go: 24 investment: £463,850
QED Naval is a technology and project developer of hybrid-tidal energy solutions. The company asserts that tidal energy is 100% renewable and predictable, guaranteeing power throughout the year. It has developed a disruptive, self-deploying, turbine foundation platform called Subhub. The company claims that Subhub saves stakeholders 60% on deployment, operating and maintenance costs, and increases yield, by up to 48%, through its hydrodynamic hull design. It also points out that the UK has 50% of Europe’s tidal energy resource, and a predicted Gross Value Added (GVA) of £1.4 billion by 2030, ranking 2nd globally after Canada in a $76 billion global tidal energy market. QED Naval aims to become a significant contender in this segment. The company will use 20% of the investment towards team building, 70% in project delivery, and 10% towards growth and commercialisation.
pledged: 91% days to go: 33 investment: £318,725
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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