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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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GoPower offers comprehensive portable solar energy solutions, designed to save you money and reduce your environmental impact. Their user-friendly solar panels eliminate the need for complex installations, allowing easy setup anywhere. Their portable solar power stations, providing up to 1000w/1280WH at 240v, are perfect for various applications such as home offices, garden rooms, boats, events, and more. With multiple output sockets and versatile charging options including solar panels and mains electricity, GoPower provides a greener and cost-effective energy alternative.
days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
Wi-Fi Securities Limited is a cyber security company that aims to revolutionise the security of public access Wi-Fi. To realise this vision, the company is developing a unique patent-protected system called SpriteGuard™ which will protect you and your data from hackers by stopping you connecting to fake hotspots. The system is targeted towards the $550 bn worldwide hospitality industry and has the ability to expand to other large global markets like city-wide free Wi-Fi, airports and coffee shops. Moreover, Wi-Fi Securities Limited has a highly experienced Wi-Fi Securities management board that has a track record of delivering multi-million-pound projects from concept to successful commercial deployment.

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days to go: Extended investment: £1,014,708
Doqit offers a solution for managing life admin tasks, helping you organize important information, set action dates, and receive timely reminders, ultimately streamlining tasks like insurance renewals and warranties to reduce unnecessary expenses and simplify your life. It provides secure storage and easy access for vital information, transitioning from chaos to simplicity.  Security is also a priority for Doqit. The platform ensures that your sensitive information is stored securely, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can access your important documents and data whenever you need them, all within a few clicks.
days to go: Extended investment: £87,500
Viritech pioneers hydrogen vehicle technology advancements, focusing on creating lighter, more efficient solutions. Their goal is to revolutionize sustainable transportation by developing cutting-edge hydrogen powertrains, drawing on expertise from motorsport industries. With a focus on enabling technologies for power electronics and hydrogen storage, Viritech aims to address drawbacks in existing solutions, envisioning a future where sustainable transport overcomes range limitations and resource depletion concerns. Their flagship product, the Apricale hypercar, signifies their commitment to optimizing weight, packaging, and performance in hydrogen-powered vehicles.
days to go: 2 investment: £564,802
The Smart Container Company specializes in innovative solutions for the beer industry, emphasizing the use of kegs as a profitable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use containers. Their patented IoT (Internet of Things) technology connects these kegs to the internet, providing real-time data on the supply chain, carbon footprint, and consumption insights. This technology offers a sustainable approach to the beer industry, envisioning a greener future by reducing waste and providing valuable insights into the product's lifecycle.
days to go: 2 investment: £249,580
ProcureCircular, a division of AMBIO-N, operates as a groundbreaking digital marketplace and SaaS technology platform focused on facilitating the procurement of circular materials for industrial use at a large scale. The platform serves as a connection point between verified industry suppliers of circular materials and buyers, aiding designers and manufacturers in transitioning towards circular business models. Going beyond a typical marketplace, ProcureCircular offers ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data analytics for materials. This feature empowers buyers to assess the potential impact of transitioning to more sustainable or circular alternatives. By providing crucial indicators such as carbon, oil, water, and dye usage, along with financial insights, the platform supports a compelling case for adopting circular sourcing methods.
days to go: 10 investment: £357,896
Bagel Corner is a fast-food chain known for its specialty in bagels, donuts, and coffee. With 40 restaurants currently under the Bagel Corner license, they have plans to expand to 100 locations by the end of 2028, leveraging their community of over 35,000 supporters. To achieve this goal, Bagel Corner is seeking funds to drive their growth. Their new concept involves vibrant, customizable coffee shops offering delightful options of bagels, donuts, and coffee throughout the day.
days to go: 7 investment: €231,120
Prosper is creating a customer-focused brand, aiming to offer free access to public and private funds, competitive cash rates, and instant financial advice via a mobile app. They charge a platform fee based on the customer's assets. The experienced team behind successful ventures like Tandem Bank and Nutmeg is targeting the UK's expensive and underperforming savings and investment market. They've raised £3.2 million from investors including Tom Blomfield (Monzo) and Charlie Delingpole (ComplyAdvantage).
days to go: 6 investment: £809,054
SOLIDU aims to revolutionize beauty routines by providing ethical, waterless beauty products packaged in innovative, 100% backyard compostable boxes, combating plastic waste. With sales amounting to 1.7 million euros (with an EBITDA of -400K€) and maintaining a 65% gross margin across 15 markets, SOLIDU emphasizes eco-friendly solid cosmetics packaged sustainably to reduce plastic pollution. Their business strategy primarily focuses on B2B collaborations with well-known brands such as Rimi, Lidl, Zalando, Douglas, and several distributors.
days to go: 6 investment: €117,525
Amino focuses on targeted nutrition using amino acids to improve human health, emphasizing the untapped potential beyond sports and bodybuilding. Currently offering pre- and intra-workout amino acid drinks, the company aims to expand its product line to cater to a broader consumer base, believing the market lacks variety in ready-to-mix powdered blends. Backed by scientific research and a commitment to taste and accessibility, Amino aspires to emerge as the leading global brand in amino acid products.
days to go: Stretch investment: £192,918
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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