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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Plerith works with high growth start-ups and scaling companies to plan for and deliver growth. The company asserts that it helps companies promote their business to potential funders, through its network of angel and venture capital investors depending on the stage and sector of the said business. Plerith is partnering with Newable and Bristol Private Equity Club to deliver the fund in the South West London (SWL) area and identify and invest in the most exciting high growth companies in the region. Plerith argues that its deep knowledge of fundraising, sales, strategy, finance and technology would help SWL businesses flourish. Plerith aims to provide investors access to the highest quality local companies in the SWL region.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Wi-Fi Securities Limited is a cyber security company that aims to revolutionise the security of public access Wi-Fi. To realise this vision, the company is developing a unique patent-protected system called SpriteGuard™ which will protect you and your data from hackers by stopping you connecting to fake hotspots. The system is targeted towards the $550 bn worldwide hospitality industry and has the ability to expand to other large global markets like city-wide free Wi-Fi, airports and coffee shops. Moreover, Wi-Fi Securities Limited has a highly experienced Wi-Fi Securities management board that has a track record of delivering multi-million-pound projects from concept to successful commercial deployment.

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days to go: Extended investment: £1,014,708
Celestial Labs is a drone display company that combines advanced technology with organic performance. The company's proprietary 'Skytheatre' display is a dynamic, safe and green alternative to carbon-intensive fireworks and represents a new frontier for the live event industry. Composed of a creative collective of award-winning filmmakers, musicians, developers, entrepreneurs, and storytellers, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of drone display innovation, where technology meets imagination. The Human Support division of Celestial is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to lift the spirits of those who witness Celestial's displays whilst imparting crucial information. The company aims to enlist the support and guidance of city leadership partners, industrial conglomerates, and seek grant funding.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Stroli – the shopping trolley reimagined for modern needs. The shopping trolley, often associated with a particular image, is an untapped category ready for innovation. The market is flooded with generic, budget-friendly options that lack charm, with the exception of Rolser, which is pricier and claims the green niche. Stroli steps in as the go-to brand, offering a unique approach, positioning, voice, and eco-friendly credentials. Say goodbye to sore hands and plastic bags – Stroli makes shopping a pleasure with its high-quality, stylish trolley bags designed to enhance your convenience and style
days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
Studio Pictures Ltd is a UK-based film and TV production company founded by producers Adam Rolston and David Braithwaite in 2019. Specializing in creating high-quality British entertainment content, the company focuses on adapting books to screen and telling unique true-life stories that entertain and inspire both domestic and international audiences. With successful productions like "A Street Cat Named Bob," the company is building a strong brand and reputation in the industry. Studio Pictures has access to top creative talent and collaborates with major studios like Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, and Studio Canal. The company is located at Twickenham Studios in Richmond, UK.
days to go: 1 investment: Withheld
Yolk, also known as In One Basket Limited, is a pioneering company revolutionizing the food and coffee experience for people on the move. They provide high-quality sandwiches, salads, and improved breakfast options without the premium cost, boasting five successful locations in London and three upcoming openings in the second half of 2023
days to go: TBC investment: Withheld
Carocell Bio is innovating by developing patented anti-inflammatory peptides delivered via nanoparticles to address severe inflammatory conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Their primary peptide, JEL0305, not only halts inflammation but also prevents its initiation, as evidenced by its effectiveness in reducing inflammation in human AD biopsies and burn tissue. With AD impacting a substantial population and costing $21 billion yearly for unsafe treatments, Carocell Bio's safer peptide remedy has the potential to avert AD recurrence. Additionally, their pioneering approach to skin-related inflammation involves topical peptide products that target mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), a crucial element in inflammation. This breakthrough offers promise for managing and forestalling AD and mitigating skin aging.
days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
PULMOBIOMED is addressing the failings of current lung tests, which are expensive, infrequent, and invasive. Their so-called "clinically proven" solution claims to offer non-invasive liquid samples from deep within the lung, promising affordable tests for lung diseases. They assert that their product can empower clinicians to diagnose and treat conditions like lung cancer and infections, even though there's limited evidence to support these claims. With a few customers in the USA and Australia, and vague partnerships in the EU, PULMOBIOMED hopes to disrupt the asthma diagnostics market by introducing what they call a comprehensive diagnostic test for asthma, despite the skepticism around their capabilities.
days to go: Extended investment: £295,000
GoPower offers comprehensive portable solar energy solutions, designed to save you money and reduce your environmental impact. Their user-friendly solar panels eliminate the need for complex installations, allowing easy setup anywhere. Their portable solar power stations, providing up to 1000w/1280WH at 240v, are perfect for various applications such as home offices, garden rooms, boats, events, and more. With multiple output sockets and versatile charging options including solar panels and mains electricity, GoPower provides a greener and cost-effective energy alternative.
days to go: Extended investment: £10,000
Optimise BP, the debut product by Optimise Health, introduces an innovative digital solution that offers secure and efficient semi-automated blood pressure management within primary care, focusing on hypertension. This advancement is projected to lead to substantial appointment savings in the range of millions.
days to go: TBC investment: £127,001
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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