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Envestors was established in 2010 as a private investor network and has since evolved to cater for equity crowdfunding opportunities. They currently boast having raised £100m+*, having completed over 793* deals and have 4,080* experienced investors registered to the site.
*Data correct as of 24/04/2020

Envestors Pitches

Doqit offers a solution for managing life admin tasks, helping you organize important information, set action dates, and receive timely reminders, ultimately streamlining tasks like insurance renewals and warranties to reduce unnecessary expenses and simplify your life. It provides secure storage and easy access for vital information, transitioning from chaos to simplicity.  Security is also a priority for Doqit. The platform ensures that your sensitive information is stored securely, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can access your important documents and data whenever you need them, all within a few clicks.
days to go: Extended investment: £87,500
PULMOBIOMED is addressing the failings of current lung tests, which are expensive, infrequent, and invasive. Their so-called "clinically proven" solution claims to offer non-invasive liquid samples from deep within the lung, promising affordable tests for lung diseases. They assert that their product can empower clinicians to diagnose and treat conditions like lung cancer and infections, even though there's limited evidence to support these claims. With a few customers in the USA and Australia, and vague partnerships in the EU, PULMOBIOMED hopes to disrupt the asthma diagnostics market by introducing what they call a comprehensive diagnostic test for asthma, despite the skepticism around their capabilities.
days to go: Extended investment: £295,000
UTU is a company dedicated to building the trust infrastructure for the evolving web 3.0. They aim to facilitate safer and more reliable interactions between users and platforms by utilizing a decentralized reputation and reviews protocol. This protocol involves a non-tradable reputation token (UTT) that users can stake to endorse others, leading to positive outcomes. UTU's focus initially lies in Web3 and DeFi apps, where they provide AI-powered tools to curate trust signals and help users engage confidently in various online activities. They offer a range of products, including the UTU Trust Token, Browser Extension, and Trust API/SDK, all aimed at enhancing trust and security in digital interactions.
days to go: Extended investment: £150,000
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LIVE Platform Stats

12 Pitches
£1,458,020 Pledged
£3,947,950 Targetted


1 Lancaster Place, London

020 7240 0202

company number

incorporated 14 years

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Celestial 4h
Stroli 8h
PulmoBioMed 15h
Studio Pictures Ltd 15h
Rype Office Ltd 15h
Morgan Goodwin Limited 15h
Carocell Bio Limited 15h
Optimise BP 15h
Gopower Ltd 15h
Plerith 15h

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* Data captured from publicly available sources and may vary from the final investment values

Funded pitches

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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