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Status: Active

Nov 17th 2020 - Dec 17th 2020

20 days left

TrimCheck is on a mission to introduce the world of barbering to freelance. It cites research data arguing that approximately 80% of barbers either pay rent for a chair or split their earnings with a barbershop owner. It aims to change this scenario and boost incomes for barbers. The company has two apps; one for customers and the other for barbers. Application features include advanced scheduling, payment processing, messaging, live call-out tracking, and more. The company has onboarded 300 barbers and 2,500 consumers since its launch. TrimCheck aspires to become a source of digital credibility for independent barbers. It is working on coming out with its training academy as a step towards the aspiration above. TrimCheck will use the investment received to penetrate markets in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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Grid Duck (GD) is an intelligent energy control system. It argues that only 14% of commercial buildings have a Building Management System (BMS) that allows them to switch off appliances when they are not needed automatically. GD is trying to bring the remaining 86% of buildings under its network. It has launched a wireless cloud-based system for companies to manage their energy consumption. Companies can check their energy consumption on an easy-to-use dashboard. GD is also evolving its technology into a self-learning system that supports time-of-use tariffs, demand response and renewables balancing. The company won the 2020 Rushlight Energy Reduction Award, and is ISO27001 certified for cybersecurity with regards to 'Penetration Test'. With the investment received, the company will grow its revenues and invest in New Product Development (NPD).
pledged: 92% days to go: 37 investment: £184,240
Paysme is a financial technology company. Its vision is to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an application that gives them financial mobility by aggregating a suite of digital financial services on a single platform. Paysme has come out with proprietary apps such as cab:app, Marketti, and Fanslive. It has processed over 1.57 million card & contactless payment transactions, generated daily recurring revenue of £1.6 million to date from payments, and paid out £46 million of cash flow to SME customers. The company deployed over 900 contactless Point of Sale (PoS) devices to new customers during lockdown. It will use the investment to develop a 'driver friendly' national taxi booking app, grow the number of market traders using its contactless payments app, and secure its first sports club to launch the Fanslive stadium solution.
pledged: 107% days to go: 37 investment: £269,880
Savortex is a British IoT (Internet of Things) hand-hygiene technology company. It has designed a patent-pending, non-touch, smart hand sanitizer dispenser. Savortex argues that the worldwide market for 'Hand Sanitizers' is forecast to grow to $36.6 billion by 2026 in the wake of COVID-19. The company aims to become a segment leader in this sector. Savortex claims that IoT enabled hand dryers and sanitizers can identify individuals who use the aforementioned devices and those that did not. Building managers can use this data to ensure the highest level of hygienic discipline. Savortex points out that its IoT devices can also provide real-time data on the number of times a hand dryer or sanitizer is being used in other locations. This allows a range of clients, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres, to assess how hygienic their customer base is and take measures accordingly. Savortex will use the £1,075,000 of growth capital to develop its sales channels, continue product development, and access new markets globally.
pledged: 0% days to go: TBC investment: Withheld
Logically uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help governments, businesses and people uncover and address harmful misinformation. Its flagship consumer-facing product is an intelligent fact-checking and news curation app that combines the best of machine learning with human intelligence. The company's app has witnessed over 100,000+ downloads and completed over 10,000 fact checks. Logically's investigation has covered topics such as 2020 US Elections, regional Maharashtra Elections, and QAnon Central Hub Hosting Phishing Scams to name a few. It has featured in press entities like Forbes, Bloomberg, The Economic Times, and BBC amongst others. The company will use 28% of the investment towards sales and business/partner development, 25% towards technology and data science, 20% towards platform investments and additional data sources, 20% towards marketing and sales enablement, and 7% towards administrative expenses.
pledged: 96% days to go: 36 investment: £2,017,620
eDrinks is on a mission to help the hospitality industry harness the power of technology and social media. It has come out with digital drink tokens redeemable in partner pubs and bars. Users can gift and receive the tokens from friends, family or even a stranger and redeem them in pubs and bars using the 'MyRound' app. eDrinks has acquired over 2000 users over 1.5 months through organic social marketing, of which, 1011 are active ones. It has also availed the Commercial Partner Membership (CPM) of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). The company is also developing its proprietary 'Bar Tab' redemption app to make it easy for independent venues to scan and redeem eDrinks contactless. eDrinks will use the investment to create marketing campaigns, app development, and hiring personnel.
pledged: 46% days to go: 26 investment: £46,742

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    17 Nov 20 Crowdcube £119,096 / 238%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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