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Business Agent Limited is delighted to announce that it has partnered with ADVFN (LSE:AFN)

Posted 4 years ago

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21 March 2016


Agreement with businessagent.com

Business Agent Limited is delighted to announce that it has partnered with ADVFN (LSE:AFN)

ADVFN has agreed to introduce businessagent.com  to its users and customers, by providing an exclusive listing on its website and mobile applications for equity and debt crowdfunding aggregation. An exclusive crowdfunding section will be available to investors powered by businessagent.com!

businessagent.com has granted ADVFN a 4 per cent shareholding worth £120,000 at the current indicative equity valuation of £3 million.

Initially businessagent.com will integrate with ADVFN’s UK based operations and then extend this integration to overseas territories where ADVFN are already well established. As the crowdfunding and alternative finance markets continue to show growth overseas this alliance will play a fundamental role in businessagent.com providing investors a “go to” platform to invest in unlisted companies on a global scale.

Sacha Bright, CEO of businessagent.com said "this agreement not only catapults businessagent.com several years into the future in terms of traffic and users,  it also heralds a climactic event for crowdfunding. ADFVN’s users invest regularly in the main financial markets. This is an opportunity to introduce professional high net worth individuals to equity & debt crowdfunding. The market up to this point has grown by word of mouth from the high net worth retail investor. It gives investors a whole new market to explore”

businessagent.com lists a variety of equity and debt based crowdfunding opportunities and collates data on the market to provide users with a fair and extensive overview when it comes to lending and investing. businessagent.com is also able to introduce companies to alternative loan providers and equity crowdfunding sites to raise capital for their businesses.

businessagent.com has a vision of creating the primary alternative finance market place through aggregation. Its mission is to help businesses get the funding they need and help investors improve returns from crowdfunding investments by allowing them to compare and see opportunities in one place. Furthermore businessagent.com provides access to data and statistics on the marketplace in its entirety with the assistance of altfi.com to aid users in making more informed choices and decisions.


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