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Do you have a thirst for brewers?

Posted 4 years ago

Do you have a thirst for brewers?
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There’s a thirst for brewers in the UK it seems. Whether it’s gin, beer, whisky or Vodka brewers are looking for capital and investors are drinking it up. But is investor appetite whetted for other drinks or associated companies?

Thanks to businessagent.com you have visibility of the opportunities brewing across the UKs crowdfunding platforms on businessagent.com Take for instance Northern Monk Brew Co. It surpassed its £500,000 fund raising target just three hours after launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.  With just over two weeks left in this campaign it has raised more than 260% of its target already (that’s roughly £1.3 million) thanks to 1,936 investors. It has one of the world’s 100 best rated beers on its books and was launched in 2013 with just £5,000 it has seen 300% sales growth in the last three years. It is offering investors 11.4% of equity based on a valuation of £10,000,000.

Or Five Points Brewing Company, the East London brewer seeking to treble its capacity with £750,000 fund raising target in exchange for a 5% stake in its business. The campaign will go live on Crowdcube later this month following an initial opportunity to invest via its own website and existing supporters.

Then there’s Left Hand Giant Brewing, also found on Crowdcube.  The company has a brewery in Bristol and produces canned craft beer. A target was set of £450,000 to secure some new premises where they can double their brewing capacity. With more than two weeks to go they have raised over £720,000, more than 160% of their target already.

What about non-brewers? Well Redag Crop Protection Limited, an agrochemical business that is focused on controlling the pests and diseases that threaten the global food supply.  The company was looking for £1.25 million on Investing Zone and has reached its target thanks to just seven backers. The fund raising has been extended.

Gunna, who provide an award-winning range of low sugar soft drinks is still looking to hit its target. Campaigning on Syndicate Room, the company is looking for £500,351 and has raised 51% of this so far with several weeks to go.  14.44% of equity is available based on a valuation of £2,964,684.

Winebuyers is hoping to connect vineyards and wine merchants directly to the end consumer. They make their money by charging suppliers a monthly listing fee and have had 2,700 companies registering interest in their platform. With just two weeks to go the company needs to raise a further 64% of its £525,000 target. However, 112 investors so far have offered a total of £189,500 on Crowdcube for 5.19% of equity in a company currently valued at £9,600,000.

“Well Brewdog has been a huge success story for crowdfunding investment, so perhaps it is unsurprising that investors are interested in brewers.” Said Sacha Bright, CEO of businessagent.com. “And of course, investors in brewers can enjoy drinking the products of the companies that they have invested in, it is always nice to feel that you understand your investment. But it is worth looking at the fundamentals. Do you agree with the company valuation for instance? If you are seeing their products stocked on the shelves of your local supermarket or available at the pub then you may feel confident that it is right. But it is worth considering how the market for the product that they offer can grow. Are they making any profit yet? Do the projections that they make sound sensible? It is also worth looking at how many investors and the type of investor that has backed them. A small number of large investments could mean professional investors are backing the company. Professionals don’t necessarily get it right, but they do tend to do their homework. Of course, we would like to see the crowdfunding platforms make more information like the types of investors transparent. As an investor having more information to hand means making a more informed and as such better investment decision.”

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